.freethought .infrastructure is an evolving log of freethought’s large-scale investigation into infrastructure and how the term can be wrested away from the language of planners and technocrats and put to creative and critical use within the cultural sphere.

Initiated for the 2016 Bergen Assemblyfreethought will lead a series of public conversations and events in Bergen and elsewhere between 2015-16 that will prod the term using critical concepts gleaned from the study of management and political economy, urbanism and visual culture, and performance and curating.

A focused seminar programme is led by members of freethought around key themes and terms relating to infrastructure with the intention of developing a collective body of research and insights for the Assembly.

freethought invites… is a series of open and free public events, hosted around dinner, drinks and a guest lecture.

For more information about freethought’s programme and research, please contact info@freethought-collective.org.

freethought is a collective formed in 2011 by Irit Rogoff, Stefano Harney, Adrian Heathfield, Massimiliano Mollona, Louis Moreno and Nora Sternfeld.

freethought aims to blur the boundaries between thought, creativity, and critique and meld them into a trans-language practice, working with and as artists and knowledge producers. Moving across disciplines and genres to experiment with new combinations of criticism and practice in the arts, freethought also strives to place these new models in unexpected contexts.

freethought is an Artistic Director of the 2016 Bergen Assembly, Norway.


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